Why Adams?

Safety – Our Light-Diffusing Rings prevent our cups from acting as magnifying glasses damaging interior surfaces such as curtains and dashboards.

Holding Power – Adams cups simply hold better! They are more reliable and up to 70% stronger than other cups. This is due to thicker cross-sections and many other factors.

Clarity – Crystal clear Adams cups give a professional look!

Durability – Exclusive, UV-stabilized material resists yellowing and deterioration.

Easy-Removal Tab – Using fingernails underneath the cup will cause tiny scratches on the inside, through which air will flow and ultimately compromise the cup’s suction ability. The patented Easy Removal Tab makes it simple to remove the suction cup without damage to the cup or mounting surface.

No Heavy Metals – World’s first and only heavy-metal-free material that outperforms materials containing heavy metals.

Low Prices – The result of efficient processes and economies of scale as the world’s leading manufacturer of suction cups.

Technical Expertise – Due to years of research and testing, we are the world’s experts on suction cups.

Strong References – Our products are made to exceed the quality standards of some of the world’s most demanding companies.

Selection, Service, and Speed – You get many styles to choose from, good service, and shorter lead times with Made-in-U.S.A products.

Patents- Adams’ suction cups are protected by the following patents:

5,318,262  5,402,974  5,992,806
 6,869,053  D388,691  D391,837
 D408,725  D421,211  D423,329

Additional Patents pending